Det bästa jag läst denna vecka om att förtrösta på Gud var ”The Big Trust” av
by Rabbi Max Weiman.

”How do we put in a proper amount of effort, while at the same time trust the All-powerful, All-loving, Infinite Being running the show? Here’s a four-point plan:

1) Don’t worry so much. Whatever challenges arise are for your growth.

2) Pray for the outcome you want – no matter how much effort you’ve put in, or how sure you’re going to achieve what you want.

3) Keep track of the times when things worked out the way you wanted ”accidentally.” (Nothing is an accident.) Once, when my teacher, Rabbi Noah Weinberg o.b.m., asked an extremely wealthy man how he was able to be so successful, the man replied with great honesty, ”Sometimes mistakes turn out wonderfully.”

4) Keep your mind on what God wants in every situation, and you’ll see more of His hand in supplying you with what you want. As it says in the Talmud (Avot 2:4): ”Make His will your will, so that He will make your will His will.” The more you see His hand in your life, the more you’ll come to trust Him.”